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Exclusively made from whole goose liver, this one-of-its kind terrine made in small quantities is stuffed with 5% black truffle from Perigord, marinated with Port wine, spices and then cooked for two hours at 80°C. Its fine texture and delicate taste allow the truffle to truly express its complexity. A complete gourmet gastronomic experience that will make you rediscover the authentic and noble taste of this delicate dish.

The Story

During a memorable dinner in June 1867 at the Café Anglais attended by Guillaume I, King  of Prussia, Tsarevich Alexander III and the Tsar of All Russia, Alexander II, the later was surprised that he had not been served foie gras. Nothing to be surprised about as it is the month of June, said Adolphe Dugléré, Chef of the Café Anglais. Autumn arrived, and he send along to Alexander II the precious terrine specially created for the occasion by Claudius Burdel, owner of the Café Anglais : and the Foie gras of the Three Emperors was born.


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