Chutney with galante spices - 200g


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Prepared as per the exclusive recipe of our Chef Philippe Labbé, by Stephan Perrotte, named best jam maker in the world in the year 2015, this chutney with fruits and Galante spices is to be savoured with our foie gras or our terrines.

Stéphane Perotte, craftsman jam maker, is a man of passion who is constantly looking for new original recipes in order to modernize the jam. Mastering traditional know-how and science of cooking, he is looking for fruits, spices, aromatic plants, unknown or rare in order to bring back their authentic tastes. He opens his jam making business in Vaudelnay and continues in his momentum for the next two years: he is the only jam maker in France to have won the Best Jam Maker of France Contest (2014) and the World Jam Championship (2015).

If you have any questions about the ingredients, click here. - 06 70 49 07 60

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