Céret Cherry Jam with Champagne Tour d'Argent - 220g


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These exclusive and limited edition recipes, imagined by our Chef & Stéphan Perrotte, Master Jam Maker are made with fresh fruit picked at full maturity, our Champagne Tour d'Argent, very little sugar and are cooked in a copper cauldron. These fruit-based preparations are enjoyed like jams.

This exceptional jam is made with only the "Ferdouce" variety of cherry, a cousin of the Burlat. This variety ripens 8 to 15 days after the Burlat which is the earliest variety. These cherries are produced only in the commune of Céret in the Roussillon region, 15 km from the Spanish border. Céret, a commune in the Pyrénées Orientales, is considered the capital of the cherry. It is here that the first cherries of the year appear, from mid-April. For the anecdote, Since 1932, a crate of the first cherries of Céret is sent each year to the President of the Republic.

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